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The Law Practice Management Page

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Collected on this page are articles that relate to Law Practice Management. These articles relate to the "nuts and bolts" of the day-to-day operation and long range planning and management of a law practice.

This page should be of interest to any attorney, and in fact to anyone who manages any sort of business. Many of the principles and procedures discussed in the following articles are universal, and should thus be of interest to all. Keep this page in your hotlists, as new articles will be coming online on a regular basis.

This page is sponsored by John P. Weil & Company, a leading Law Practice Management Consulting Firm. Featured on this page are the following topics:

  • Practice Management
  • Firm Governance
  • Compensation Techniques

    Practice Management

    1. A Practical Guide to Handling The Big Case
    2. Measuring Law Firm's Risk Management
    3. Practical Issues and Professional Liability
    4. Organizing Your Law Practice For Success And Avoiding Malpractice Claims
    5. Factors In Setting Law Firm Goals And Objectives
    6. Essential Factors to Consider When Selecting Client Accounting Software For Use on a Personal Computer
    7. Trends In Automated Litigation Document Management
    8. Building A Successful Solo Law Practice

    Firm Governance

    1. Deciding When And How To Effectively Use A Legal Administrator
    2. How To Make Unproductive Law Partners Productive Again
    3. How To Define The Capital Account In Your Law Partnership Agreement
    4. As A Law Firm Administrator, Increase Your Value To Your Firm In A Stagnant Economy
    5. Management Training For Attorneys- An Unfulfilled Need
    6. Growing A Law Partnership - Associate Development And The Partnership Track
    7. The Traditional Law Partnership Track: Does It Still Exist? Quo Vadis?
    8. The Role Of The Senior Administrator-Does Law Firm Size Make A Difference?
    9. How To Market Effectively While Avoiding Legal Malpractice Claims
    10. How Much Should You Invest In Difficult Partners, Associates and Staff?

    Compensation Techniques

    1. Illustration Of A Lockstep Progression Income Distribution Plan Tied To Objective Performance Criteria
    2. Some Thoughts And Observations On A Peer Evaluation System Tied To Partner Compensation
    3. Current Trends In Partner Compensation
    4. Partner/Shareholder Compensation Techniques Review of the Basics

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